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Spanish 2 for Spanish Speakers

Spanish 2 for Spanish Speakers

Teacher: Leticia Rains

Thank you for your interest in your student’s Spanish class. Your son/daughter is not only going to learn Spanish, but he/she will obtain a better comprehension about diversity, art and culture of the Spanish speaking population. If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at rainse@hobbsschools.net

Resources ¡Aventura! EMC Publishing, LLC, 2009.


October 20-24, 2014







Introduce new unit: La belleza y la estética with the quote “La belleza que atrae rara vez coincide con la belleza que enamora”

Students will view several images (The Mona Lisa, El Niño Azul, etc.) and they will vote for their favorite image.




Bring a picture of what you think is beautiful


Start the class with “¿Hace el hábito al monje?

In groups the students, will discuss: ¿Cómo impacta positiva o negativamente el uso del uniforme en el ambiente academico?

¿Cómo te sentirías si el año próximo fura obligatorio llevar uniforme en tu escuela?


Study verbs conjugations


Present their opinions to the class. Discuss the pros and cons of uniforms in the school.


Study verbs conjugations


Students will view the one act play by Sergio Vodanovic: “El delantal blanco” Discuss how the characters changed after they exchange clothes.


Study vocabulary


Students will create a power point with this that they think is beautiful.



Enjoy the game!




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